How To Read Your Invoice
  1. Account Number: Account Number pertains to the customer. Please refer to this number whenever you contact us.
  2. Statement Date: The date the invoice is produced.
  3. Service Location: The location NRM is providing billing services for.
  4. Mail Address: The address which the invoice and all correspondence are mailed.
  5. Previous Balance: The dollar amount from your previous invoice.
  6. Payment Received: The total of all payments and adjustments made to your account since your last invoice.
  7. Current Charge: The total amount calculated for the current billing cycle. The amount includes charges for services, taxes, regulatory fees, late fees, NFS fees, and any additional charges or fees.
  8. Due Date: The date which your current charges are due in our office.
  9. Total Due: Includes prior balance if any, minus payments, adjustments, and/or credits. Then includes current charges.
  10. Multiplier: Pertains to Gas invoices only. The multiplier accounts for the quality of gas delivered as determined by the local gas company.
  11. Usage Type: Gives the unit of measurement for the metered service. Water can be billed in CCF (one hundred cubic foot) or per 1,000 gallons. Gas is measured in “therm” and electric is measured in “Kwh” kilo watt hour.
  12. Billing Period: The dates refer to the meter reading dates or billing period dates.
  13. Meter Number: Meter or wireless transmitter number is applicable. Previous Reading: Prior meter reads from the last billing period.
  14. Present Reading: The current meter reading. Consumption: The total amount of usage. This is derived by subtracting the previous reading from the current reading.
  15. Days Used: The number of days billed for the current invoice.
  16. Notes: This area of the invoice gives us the ability to send a reminder or message regarding conservation, payment services, seasonal messages, and rate notices.
  17. Service: Each line item has a short description of the service you are being billed for.
  18. Usage: The amount of Water, Gas, Electricity, or service used during the billing period.
  19. Rate: The amount of the line item which is multiplied by the usage amount.
  20. Amount: The amount calculated for each line item by using usage multiplied by rate. Charges: The total amount calculated for the current billing period.
  21. Return this stub: Tear along the dotted, perforated line. The lower stub should accompany your payment. The upper portion of the invoice is for your records.
  22. Payment stub: This is a restatement of the information above. This account information is needed when we receive your payment to accurately credit your account. Please ensure your payment stub is sent with your payment.
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